The visit of Dr. Hunter Yuen and Dr. Kelvin Chong from to Vesber new factory in Nansha

On April 13th, Dr. Hunter Yuen and Dr. Kelvin Chong from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, came to visit Vebser new factory in Nansha district.

The general manager of Vesber, Mr. Gao introduced the company’s overall situation and shared his research and development process of Foldable Capsular Vitreous Body to professors. Subsequently, Mr. Gao guided  the visit to the fourth floor exhibition hall which shows the 17 years of research and development of FCVB and crucial nodes during the development .

During the meeting, Manager Gao made a detailed introduction of FCVB to guests and showed FCVB’s  folding steps.  The conversation is a good opportunity to know ideas and thoughts from KOL ophthalmologists and these advice will make FCVB and Vesber becoming better.  Vesber sincerely welcomes the domestic and foreign customers in this to come to visit and discuss.