The First Lessons About Implantation Of FCVB Successful

To spread and popularize this new technology safe and effective, Autek China INC.has held the first lessons about implantation of FCVB successful.There were about 40 experts of ocular trauma and ocular fundus diseases participating it.

Dr.Gao, the inventor of FCVB and the deputy director、doctoral tutor’s 、chief physician and lead researcher of Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center of Sun Yat-sen University, speak from background and research ideas to product design and clinical Application and current application experience and feedback at home and abroad, which has brought a high practical value of a seminar, participating experts also conducted a lively discussion and experience sharing.

Under the guidance of professor Gao and experienced experts, the training of animal eye simulation was carried out from the preparation of FCVB capsular before surgery, the details of the implantation process and the observation of the anatomy of the capsular in the animal eye after implantation. A grouping of operations was carried out to discuss the key steps of the surgery and some potential issues, operational training and experience sharing.