13th May 2019, Prof. Dr. Guna Laganovska from Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital performed the first FCVB implantation surgery in Riga, Latvia.

Prof. Dr. GUNA LAGANOVSKA heard about the FCVB which is suitable for her patient with severe retinal detachment. The patient undergoes the retinal detachment after four times silicone oil implantation surgeries. In order to keep the patient’s eyeball and avoid the destination in using ocular protheses, Prof. Dr. GUNA LAGANOVSKA contacted with the developer of FCVB, professor Gao for scheduling the FCVB implantation surgery.

Professor Gao was confident in the operation, under the assistance of Professor Gao, the surgery went smoothly.

Prof. Dr. GUNA LAGANOVSKA was confident in the operation and the surgery went smoothly as expected. After the surgery, FCVB got satisfied feedbacks from Prof. Dr. Guna Laganovska’ team, and Prof. Dr. Guna Laganovska mentioned that she will keep following the patient’s postoperative situations.

Our thanks and gratitude to Prof. Dr. Guna Laganovska for her feedbacks, deep understandings and continuous support to the FCVB. We believe FCVB could be a good treatment for ophthalmologists to keep patients’ eyeballs in case of severe ocular trauma, severe retinal detachment and silicone oil dependent eyes.