The 30th Asia -Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Fair Summery

The 30th Asia -Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Congress & the 20th Congress of the Chinese Ophthalmological Society was held on April 1st to 4th in Guangzhou, China.
We had received a lot of famous ophthalmologists from U.S.A, Italy, Oman, South Korea, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Malaysia and etc. Most of them were impressed by our innovative product to treat dry eye- Lacrimal Ductule Blocking Core(BC) and the Foldable Capsular Vitreous Body(FCVB) to save eye ball. Some customers even showed certain cooperation intention to us. We received high compliment from those customers.
We were negotiating the initial cooperation plan with Italian customers who have visited us for twice for our FCVB and BC.

The ophthalmologist from Omani showed great interested in our BC and identified an initial cooperation intention with us.