For Surgeons

Foldable Capsular Vitreous Body ( FCVB ) offers superior performance for vitreoretinal and orbital surgeons in case of severe retinal detachament, silicone oil dependent eyes and ocular trauma. The FCVB can be implanted with matched injector through an incision of 3.5 mm. The surgeon can adjust and maintain the intra-ocular pressure effectively.

FCVB implantation instructions is as following.

FCVB Implantation Instructions

  • Place the product lens surface upward, vacuum, turn it over, place the lens surface downward and fold into a long three-layer spindle structure.
  • Turn the FCVB over, fully lubricate the Foldable Capsular Vitreous Body (FCVB) injector cavity and push the rod using medical sodium hyaluronate gel.
  • Clamp it with IOL platform forceps while keeping the lens surface facing upward and then place it into the injector.
  • Expand the incision and implant the triple-folded FCVB into the vitreous cavity.
  • After injecting an appropriate amount of silicone oil through the drain valve, perform fundus observation.
  • Suture the scleral incision, close and fix the drainage tube with non-absorbable suture, and finally, cover the drain valve with Tenon’s capsule and the conjunctiva layers.