Foldable Capsular Vitreous Body has approved for market launch in China

Recently, the Chinese CFDA approved the registration of the innovative medical product-Foldable Capsular Vitreous Body which is manufactured by Guangzhou Vesber Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
This product is made from medical grade silicone rubber and consist of capsular, drain valve and drain tube. By injecting silicone rubber into the tailor-made mould, and deal with high temperature and high pressure to shape the capsular, drain valve and drain tube. It is used to treat patient with severe retinal detachment which can not be treated by the existing vitreous substitutes.
It first proposed the new theory of mimic the natural vitreous body and a new concept of artificial vitreous body, that is to simulate the shape of human’s natural vitreous cavity and designed to a solid foldable capsular vitreous body, thus to realize the long term stability of retinal supporting. The product is independently developed by our country, and be an international initiative product. It can be long-term filled in the eye, solved many difficult problems such as the vitreous substitutes can not long-term stayed in the eye, can not long-term support retina, and need repeated operation, etc. Hence, it can avoid the enucleation of eyeball and implant ocular prosthesis.
The State Food and Drug Administration will strengthen the supervision after this product launch to ensure the safety of medical device.